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No two massages are alike, especially when interacting with the complexities of human physiology and human nature. Therefore, meeting clients where they are, during each session is hugely important as it helps set the tone for successful session outcomes. Regardless of how long the massage is, the client's goals and a session plan are discussed beforehand, so our time together is managed well.

Massage, hot stone, and cupping are available at
60, 90, or 120 mins for $90, $125, or $155

Cash or debit/credit card is accepted


Massage is often described as the manipulation of soft tissue or more precisely, our muscles, which is where we tend to experience most of our discomfort.

Welcomed, safe touch like massage therapy also supports our cognitive awareness, which impacts how we sense our mental and physical bodies.

Whether you're accustomed to really firm or more gentle soothing touch, the amount of applied pressure is discussed beforehand, to better suit the client's needs, as pressure should not be so uncomfortable that the client cannot relax.

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Massage Therapy 
Hot Stone

Thermal applications like hot stone, hot showers, or soaking baths can instantly create a warming experience when feeling chilled, soften tight, sore muscles, and calm our sometimes over-anxious nervous system.

Basalt stones, derived from previous lava activity, are used as hot stones which are usually machine polished for a smoother contact surface. 

While white marble or marine stone attracts cold temperatures to help aide in relief of headaches and eye strain.


Is applying negative pressure when a silicone, plastic, or glass cup is pressed onto the surface of the skin which creates a vacuum seal. The sensation has been described as a "good kind" of pulling, which occurs when the cups are being moved or when the cup's pressure is released.


Cupping is another effective tool that can be used to manipulate soft tissue for a sense of increased warmth and letting go of tension.


Stacey is happy to blend hot stone and cupping massage for a truly novel experience.

To reach Stacey please feel free to contact her
Cell: 831-238-7395 or Email:

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