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Just Massage is just for you

Whether you would like your massage to leave you feeling sleepy and ready for a lounge chair, refreshed and ready for a hike or somewhere in between, let this time be just for you. Stacey can easily adapt her comprehensive skill-set to help you create your best session outcome.


Just Massage

Stacey is a native of Rocky Hill, CT and after nearly 30 years of living in CA, has returned to the east coast to be closer to her family. After considering pursuing either a nursing or PT degree, Stacey decided to explore massage therapy first to learn more about how safe, welcoming, focused touch can be so effective for what 'ails us'. After completing her initial massage training, Stacey enrolled in a more extensive program, to advance her knowledge and skill set to better reflect the fast-paced growth of the industry.

Four decades of clinical experience and staying current with the study of persistent pain, has deepened Stacey’s understanding of not only how pain works, but how to better communicate with clients about their discomfort.


Stacey is committed to helping clients recognize that their painful experiences are not just a tissue or structure based phenomenon but rather an emotion based - full person - sensory event that very often is not an indication of harm but simply to get our attention. Currently, the global response to chronic or persistent pain, is still evaluated and treated as mostly a bio-mechanical issue with little to no inclusion of the rest of the feeling/thinking individual. We are more than our pain and we are more than our painful body parts. 

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